Entrance to the City of David National Park

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The end of the route requires ascending many stairs.

“Where it all began”: On the hill of the City of David, adjacent to the Western Wall, the City of Jerusalem was born thousands of years ago. Walking by the light of flashlights underground from the waters of the Siloam tunnel, fascinating mysteries from the past that take on a new and exciting dimension, and a panoramic view of ancient Jerusalem, these are just part of the experiences awaiting you at the site. Come and discover where Jerusalem was born!

Self-guided tour in the City of David includes virtual guiding stations: Throughout the site there are stations to scan a barcode with illustrative videos at points of interest. You can visit and enjoy an enriching family experience in an open space.

Ticket includes entrance to the City of David, guided tour not included.

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Photo by: Koby Harati

Tour Track 
Essential Information 
  • New! The “Spring Tower” presentation – We invite you to feel the story of the Gihon Spring in a multisensory presentation that will draw you into the past, moments before your entrance into the water system. Entrance to the presentation is 15 ILS per visitor.
  • Please note that the tour includes walking up and down stairs
  • There are storage lockers at the site for your convenience at a cost of 10 NIS. We apologize but there is no storage for baby carriages.
  • In order to reach the City of David by foot, exit the Old City via the Dung Gate (the gate closest to the Western Wall Plaza). Turn left and shortly after (approximately 50 meters), make a right. The entrance to the City of David will be on your left hand side



Child / senior citizen





Entrance to the City of David National Park


Opening Hours 


Winter Schedule

Summer Schedule


8:00 – 17:00

8:00 – 19:00


8:00 – 14:00


8:00 – 16:00

The last entry into the water system (Shiloah tunnel) - two and a half hours before the site closes.

Opening hours on Intermediate days of Passover

Sunday – Thursday

8:00 - 19:00

Eve of 7th day of Pesach

8:00 - 15:00








How to get to the City of David National Park – Secure and easy directions

Important note: It is difficult to find parking next to the Kotel and the City of David. These are our recommended arrival directions.

Arrival by private car:

Nearby parking lots

Karta parking garages (fee charged):

Navigation by WAZE

Mamilla parking garages (fee charged):

Navigation by WAZE

Walking distance from Karta / Mamilla parking garages to the City of David approximately 20 minutes. Arrival by taxi is recommended.


Mt. Zion parking lot (fee charged):

Navigation by WAZE

Zion Gate / David’s Tomb parking lot (fee charged) – Approximately 9-minute walk to the City of David. Parking based on availability.


Navigation for walking:

Coming from the Kotel, turn left at the Dung Gate and it is a 2-minute walk to the City of David.

Button – Navigation with Google Maps

Navigation with Google Maps


Public transportation to the City of David:


Egged bus routes:

  • Route 1 – Central Bus Station – Kotel
  • Route 3 – Central Bus Station – Kotel
  • Route 38 – Jewish Quarter (circular route the goes by the Kotel)
  • Route 2 – From Kikar Tzahal (IDF Square) / Yitzhak Kariv Street (circular route operated by Superbus)



Taxis are always allowed to enter through Jaffa Gate; therefore, you can get to the City of David by taxi.



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There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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