Uncover Ancient Artifacts

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Credit: Eliyahou Yanai

The discoveries in the City of David have changed the world’s understanding of ancient Jerusalem. Think you know them all? We’ve created a collection of the most significant discoveries in recent years complete with information, history, and even some incredible legends and theories.

  1. A 2,000 Year Old Gold Earring 
  2. Who was Adoniyahu, the Royal Steward?
  3. Who was Nathan-Melech, Servant of the King?
  4. A Jug Fragment Featuring a Human Face from the Persian Period
  5. A 3,000 Year Old Weight - Tribute from the First Temple
  6. “For the Freedom of Zion” - Bronze Coin Dated to the Rebellion Against the Romans
  7. Who Was “Hyrcanus” of 2,100 years ago?
  8. Ancient Podium Discovered on the Second Temple Period Pilgrimage Road
  9. A Rare Clay Talisman - A Thousand Year Old Greeting
  10. A 2,000 Year Old Ring - Jewelry of the Ancient World
  11. The Original Mahane Yehuda - Jerusalem's Shuk from the Second Temple Period?
  12. Elihana bat Gael
  13. The Groundbreaking Discovery of the Tunnel Connection to the Western Wall
  14. The Bethlehem Seal Discovery
  15. First Temple Period Cistern Discovery
Touring ancient Jerusalem was an amazing experience for the entire family
Weiss family, Israel
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