Kids’ Adventure in the City of David

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Credit: Elhanan Ben Uri

Coloring pages

The vivid colors of the City of David are a sight to see. Until your next visit, let your imagination be your guide. Print and color the City of David’s ancient site and upload your work to our facebook page.

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Find the Findings

Figure out what is hidden in the painting. Find the finding that is hidden in the painting, mark it and then paint it.

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Young Detectives

You're invited to join Noa and Uri, who meet a mysterious and magical friend in the City of David. Using games and riddles, Noa and Uri learn all the hidden secrets of the ancient city. Just print and join the tour!

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Discovery videos for kids

An Ancient Underground Mystery
Duration: About 8 minutes
Suitable for children aged 10 and older

Hezekiah's tunnel is one of the wonders of the ancient world. Dug deep into the bedrock underneath the city, its winding path dug from two opposite directions somehow met in the middle. But how? And what is the purpose of the mysterious channel in the heart of the ancient water system?


The Battle of the Coins
Duration: About 7 minutes

Suitable for children aged 10 and older

How is such a tiny coin able to tell such an incredible story? And how are the coins of today connected to the 2,000 year old coins found in the excavation of ancient Jerusalem?


The Cyrus Charter and the Babylonian Exile
Duration: About 6 minutes
Suitable for children aged 10 and older

After being exiled from Jerusalem to Babylon, everything seemed hopeless. But suddenly, after years in the Kingdom of Babylon, the Jewish people get some unbelievable news.

Touring ancient Jerusalem was an amazing experience for the entire family
Weiss family, Israel
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