We welcome you to partner with the City of David

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United States
Tax deductible donations by check should be made payable to:
“Friends of Ir David” 

Tax ID #: 11-346-6176. Tax exempt status: 501(c)(3)
Mailing Address:
Friends of Ir David, Inc.
99 Wall Street #5727
New York, NY 10005

United Kingdom
Donors may claim tax relief on contributions made payable to:
“UK Friends of the City of David”
UK Charity Registration # 1121683
Mailing Address:
UK Friends of the City of David
87 Wimpole Street
London W1G 9RL

For more information: 
The Ir David Foundation
POB 10342
Jerusalem 91102
Phone 972 2 671 3434
VOIP 718 576 2444
Fax 972 2 671 2929
Touring ancient Jerusalem was an amazing experience for the entire family
Weiss family, Israel
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