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Credit: Kobi Harati

Jay the Excavator - City of David

Meet Jay - one of the unique and fascinating excavators at the City of David!

Video Credit: Asaf Peri, City of David Archive

The City of David Uncovered - Episode 2

Footsteps from King David's Palace Excavation, along the slope of the City of David hilltop, lies the remnants of a neighborhood. Buried under layers of ash and rubble, fire marks and piles of pottery, First Temple period Jerusalem's most astounding artifacts remained frozen in time for over 2,600 years. The discoveries unearthed - clay seals with the names of Biblical figures, arrowheads from the battle over Jerusalem and even an ancient toilet - offer us more than just a view into the royal neighborhood of Biblical-era Jerusalem. It is a snapshot of history from the establishment of David's Kingdom, and the political sagas and betrayals of the Royal Government, to the series of events and battles that led to Jerusalem's destruction in 586 BCE. In those final moments, the city and this neighborhood were destroyed, and remained buried deep beneath the ground for centuries. Today we have returned to reveal and rebuild the Ancient City of David - the place where Jerusalem began.

Picture Credit: Koby Harati, City of David Archives. Video Credit: Amit Ben-Atar, City of David Archives

Tisha B'Av Special: Uncovering the Ashes of First Temple Period Jerusalem

Tonight begins the 9th of Av - the day we commemorate the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem and the final moments of the most glorious periods in Jewish history.
In the City of David, the place where Jerusalem began, the evidence of those periods and their tragic end are being revealed, bringing to light all that was lost and the incredible endeavors to reveal and rebuild our beloved and eternal capital.


Video credit: Amit Ben Atar, City of David Archives. Photo credit: Koby Harati, City of David Archives

Discover the Historical Site of Hell

Deep in the Biblical Valley, at the lowest point in Jerusalem, lies the ancient Valley of Hinnom - the historical site of hell . Are you brave enough to go down? Join Doron and James as they journey into the depths and emerge into the light ?

Video Credit: Amit Ben Atar: City of David Archives Picture Credit: Max Richardson - City of David Archives

Discover the Historical Site of Hell - Trailer

Deep in the Biblical Valley, at the lowest point in Jerusalem, lies the ancient Valley of Hinnom - the historical site of hell.

Join Doron and James on their journey into the depths…
Watch the trailer - the full video will be published later this week!

Video Credit: Amit Ben Atar: City of David Archives. Image Credit: Max Richardson - City of David Archives

Journey Back in Time to the City of David

Journey back in time to the ancient City of David in this spectacular tour that takes you through the archeological discoveries from King David’s palace to the underground tunnels deep beneath the city where kings were anointed, battles were fought and the 3,000-year-old spring still flows today.

Credit: Asaf Peri

The Journey along the Pilgrimage Road in the City of David, the Heart of Ancient Jerusalem

Visit the very thoroughfare used by the ancient Jews to ascend to the Temple thousands of years ago during the Passover festival. Archaeologically documented and with inscriptions that match names found in the Bible, the Pilgrimage Road is amongst the most significant discoveries in Jerusalem.

Credit: City of David Archives-Asaf Peri

Jerusalem From Above

Join Doron and Jamie as they look out across the Biblical Valley from the place where Abraham and Isaac entered Jerusalem and where a young David walked 800 years later and where a new visitors center will one day. serve as an embarkation point for tours of the ancient city.


The City of David Uncovered- Episode 1

Join James, your guide, on an unforgettable journey back in time to the Ancient City of David! Where exactly is Biblical Jerusalem? Who rediscovered it 150 years ago? What fascinating discoveries have been revealed there? Watch now and find out!

Picture Credit: Koby Harati, City of David Archives. Video Credit: Amit Ben-Atar, City of David Archives.

The City of David Uncovered

Join us on an unforgettable journey to the City of David where your guide, James, will take you to explore Jerusalem's most ancient site and the fascinating discoveries that have been revealed. First part of the series is coming soon!

Picture Credit: Koby Harati, City of David Archives. Video Credit: Amit Ben Atar, City of David Archives.

Jerusalem From Above - Trailer

Our latest film, Above the Ancient City, premieres this Thursday at 8:00 pm Israel Time, 1:00 pm ET, 10:00 am PT. Join us as we watch history unfold in the place that has shaped mankind since ancient times - the place where Jerusalem began - the City of David.

Credit: Amit Ben Atar, City of David Archives.

The Cave - Episode One of the new City of David Production "Antiquity"

Just released: watch episode 1 of our new series "Antiquity". Follow Megan, an American student who has an unusual encounter that takes her on a journey to uncover the deepest secrets of Ancient Jerusalem.

Video Credit: City of David Archives, Eastside Studio. Image Credit: City of David Archives, Eliyahu Yanai

Underground Journey from the City of David to the Temple Mount Foundation Stones

Missed this live tour? Click below to join Doron and Oriya as they journey through the underground passageways from the City of David to the Temple Mount.


Discover The City Of David Today

How did the City of David, once an abandoned hilltop, become one of Israel’s premiere tourist destinations and the most excavated archeological site in Israel? Click here to discover!


Jerusalem Day Special: The City of David From Above, 1967-2020

A special Jerusalem Day exclusive at what may be the most strategic site in the State of Israel. From Biblical Jerusalem, also known as the City of David, to the modern day city, watch and experience Jerusalem like never before.



Join us as we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors along the Second Temple Period Pilgrimage Road! The sixth in our Doron & Ze'ev series, this episode will take you behind-the-scenes to the City of David's most exciting and anticipated excavation.



Succession is always a tricky issue – and was even so in Biblical times. Join Doron & Ze’ev as they recount the dramatic events surrounding the coronation of King Solomon in the very place where he was crowned.



Join Doron & Ze’ev as they go off the typical tour route and explore one of the earliest caves in Jerusalem where some of the city’s earliest dwellers lived and faced a mortal enemy on the eve of battle.



The Indiana Jones of Jerusalem - Montague Parker and the Secret of the V's
Join Doron & Ze’ev as they explore the hidden caverns where Jerusalem’s most infamous explorer uncovered mysterious markings whose secrets are still being revealed.



Watch the second installment of Doron & Ze’ev in the City of David as they explain how one particular discovery offers us insight into the hygiene practices of the ancient world.



In this first installment, Doron & Ze’ev explain the connection between the Coronavirus, a schoolboy prank and the war against the Romans 2,000 years ago.

And keep visiting this site for more installments in this exclusive series!


Discovering the Monumental Second Temple Period Pilgrimage Road

The excavation of the Second Temple Period Pilgrimage Road has revealed the original thoroughfare upon which millions traveled to the Temple 2,000 years ago. 

We look forward to one day inviting you to take this journey in person. But until that time, we offer this peek into the Pilgrimage Road and how it is transforming our understanding of Jerusalem at the height of the city's grandeur.


Excavation of a Parking Lot Uncovers a Window into Jerusalem's Past

Though it seems nearly impossible to imagine today, the largest excavation in Jerusalem was once the Old City’s largest parking lot.  Over the past decade, the City of David’s excavation of the Givati Parking Lot has unearthed a treasure trove beyond our wildest imaginations. 


Behind-the-Scenes of the Enchanted Jerusalem Nighttime Experience

Haven’t seen the new Nighttime Presentation in the City of David? Until our presentation is back to its regular nighttime showings, we thought we’d give you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this breathtaking spectacle. 


Discovery of the Hidden Passageway to the Western Wall

Israel Antiquities Authority archeologists excavating in the Siloam Pool stumbled upon an underground channel used in the last rebellion of the Jews against the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago.   One day archeologist Eli Shukron, along with City of David staff and a videographer, descended into the channel and together made what was to become one of the City of David’s most monumental discoveries.


360 Virtual Tour

Join us for this quick yet fascinating 360 journey into the place where Jerusalem began. The virtual visit in the City of David begins with a Segway ride through the scenic paths of the Armon Hanetziv Promenade to a breathtaking panorama of Biblical Jerusalem 

* Move your mobile phone or mouse to explore


Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel z”l, Nobel Laureate and inspiration to the Jewish people and others across the world, was a great supporter of the City of David. Chairman of our board for many years, his thoughts on the significance of the City of David still resonate today.


City of David Founder & Chairman David’le Be’eri Awarded Israel Prize

In 2017, the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem, David’le Be’eri, Founder and Chairman of the City of David, was awarded the Israel Prize for Lifetime Achievement, the country’s highest honor. David’le’s - and the City of David’s - commitment to rebuilding Jerusalem on the foundations of its past, never wavers. Watch the exclusive interview with David’le to learn more about how the City of David was transformed from a tiny, deserted hilltop into one of the foremost tourist sites in all of Israel.


WSJ Opinion Journal: Unearthing the City of David

The archeological discoveries in the City of David are essential to understanding Jerusalem and its historical importance to people around the world. In this exclusive Wall Street Journal interview featuring the City of David's International Affairs Director Ze’ev Orenstein, explains why.


Fox & Friends: Exclusive Segment on the City of David

Watch this exclusive segment of Fox & Friends featuring the City of David and the significance of the archeological discoveries made there to our understanding of Jerusalem’s history.





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