Bar Mitzvah experience at the City of David

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Is your son becoming a Bar Mitzvah? Mazal tov!

There is no better place to celebrate this incredible milestone than the place where Jerusalem began.

The City of David National Park offers a unique Bar Mitzvah experience complete with a musical procession from the Western Wall, a reception in the King's Garden and a private tour for the whole family.  
The tour includes a magnificent panoramic view of the ancient capital and a journey through the archaeological remnants of Jewish history in Jerusalem.
The tour is available in a variety of languages and is suitable for people of all ages.

If you are looking for a meaningful experience for your whole family to experience Jerusalem in an exciting and fascinating way, you are invited to take part in the place where it all began.

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What’s included in the experience?

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Photo by: Koby Harati, Eliyahi Yanai

Event FAQ

  • Are Covid-19 guidelines observed?

At the city of David, we operate according to the Ministry of Health guidelines for all events, including bar mitzvah celebrations.

  • What is the kashrut certification?

We will be happy to customize a menu to the desired kashrut, from Rabbanut kashrut to Mehadrin kashrut, in accordance with your request.

  • Is there a children’s menu? 

A buffet including pasta and focaccia for children can be arranged.

  • Is it safe to come to the City of David?

The City of David is about a 3-minute walk from the Kotel and the site is secure at all times. Do not worry.

  • Is there parking in the area?
We reserve two parking places for you so that you can arrive easily. 
If you wish, shuttles can be arranged for your guests, or we can provide directions to parking lots in the area.
  • Is the complex decorated? 

Our hospitality complex is maintained and decorated with natural plants. If you wish, you can add table design for an additional charge.


Mazal tov!





There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
Brown family, USA
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