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Amongst its architectural secrets and concealed corners, Jerusalem is full of mysteries and discoveries, riddles and answers, arousing adventures alongside spiritual serenity.  Toward this ancient city, whose origins date back almost 4,000 years ago, people from all around the world lift their eyes, longing to visit it.

Our personalized experience program shows you Jerusalem from new and diverse angles. Through a wide range of programming, one will become acquainted with the treats and fun that modern Jerusalem has to offer. You will experience interactive tours alongside hands-on adventures. One will acquire a deep familiarity with the heritage of the past, as well as discover lesser known areas.

The City of David is a leading tourist attraction in Jerusalem, with approximately half a million visitors each year.

Join us as many have already, and reveal Jerusalem as you have never experienced it before. Our personalized experience program is individually customized, each group according to their interests.

It would be our pleasure to build your day in Jerusalem.

For details contact Pablo +972-54-599-2784

This program is for organized groups only.

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  • Personalized Experience

    Personalized Experience

    Personalized Experience
  • נבל
    We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
    Goldstein Family, France.
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