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African Diplomats Visit City of David

Ambassadors of Ethiopia and Zambia and diplomats from Cameroon, Ghana, Angola, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, all members of the Christian faith, came to visit the City of David as part of a tour of Jewish archaeological sites in the Old City, sponsored by the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce in a bid to foster Israeli-African business ties. this month. 
They started at the City of David archaeological park and led the group, through the drainage tunnel and ended at the Western Wall.
Looking at the ancient stones, the diplomats took a few long moments to reflect on the holiness of the place. Many stretched out their arms and touched the stones, bowing their heads silently; some whispered a brief prayer.
The Western Wall and the City of David are considered by archaeologists say is the actual site of biblical Jerusalem and was the epicenter of the Davidic dynasty.
Crowded into the ancient 600-meter-long drainage channel, built by King Herod, the African dignitaries learned more about archaeology, Jewish history and Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.
They also learned about the the coins that were minted, marking the Great Revolt against the Roman invaders, which preceded the destruction of the Second Temple.
David Be’eri, the founder and chairman of the City of David Foundation, shared his heart regarding findings the excavations there have yielded. “The Bible becomes alive,” he gushed as he described various artifacts dug up at the site. “It’s like Indiana Jones: Every day there’s a new finding,” he said, inviting the diplomats to bring groups to the City of David to join the digging.
The diplomats visibly enjoyed the tour. “We had a very interesting visit this morning,” Ethiopian Ambassador to Israel Helawi Yossef said. “It was very enlightening for us.”
Lors de notre visite à la Cité de David, nous avons eu l’impression de retourner 3000 ans en arrière
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