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The Shiloach Pool - City of David

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The small Shiloach Pool, to which the waters of the Gihon flow today, is part of a pool from the Byzantine Era. Fragments of pillars which can be seen today in the pool, appear to be remains of the Shiloach Church that was built in this location.  Archeologists believe that during the Second Temple Era the waters continued to flow south and were collected in an additional, larger pool. This pool was discovered during the summer of 2004 and is continuing to be uncovered today.  During the time of the Second Temple this pool was about three dunum in size and had wide, central roads leading to it.  Archeologists believe that this pool was built upon an older pool dating back to the First Temple Period.  It is to this pool that King Hezekiah diverted the waters of the Gihon. 

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There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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