A Magical Experience in Absalom’s Pillar | City Of David

A Magical Experience in Absalom’s Pillar


Surrounded by the stunning landscape of the Mount of Olives, deep within the Biblical Kidron Valley, lies ancient treasures waiting to be discovered. Here, along the now-dry riverbed, monumental rock-cut structures and tombstones, including Absalom’s Pillar, the Tomb of Zechariah and Tomb .of the Sons of Hezir, were carved into the mountainside by ancient artisans of the Second Temple period

Journey back in time as you explore these centuries-old structures and enjoy a peaceful rest in the shade of an ancient-style hospitality tent along their route. The nearby walls of the Old City provide a glorious backdrop, and relaxing music the ideal atmosphere to enjoy coffee, tea and other refreshments

If you’re looking for the perfect memento from your stay, snap a selfie with our adored pet camel, who will be waiting in the perfect pose for a Biblical-era portrait

Credit: Tal Glik
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Essential Information 

The Tent will be open from 9:00am until 5:00pm.

There are parking spots near the Mount of Olives Information Center at 5 Jericho Street, Jerusalem.

You can find use with WAZE by searching “Mount of Olives Information Center.” 

The route is not suitable for baby strollers.

There are restrooms and a snack bar with cold/hot beverages at the site.

Credit: Tal Glick



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We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
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