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Legacy Tours of the Mount of Olives

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Tour the City of David

Tour the City of David

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Come Discover Ancient Jerusalem at the City of David


Walk in the footsteps of history amidst the personal stories, traditions and burial places of the city's most famous inhabitants. 

Looking out over Jerusalem: From the Rehavam Vista to the Western Wall 

King David, exiled from his city due to Absalom’s rebellion, stands at the peak of the Mount of Olives, lifts his eyes and yearns to return to the city he left.
Later in history, Rabbi Akiva and his companions, with the same hunger for their homeland, ascend to view the destroyed city, followed by the droves of pilgrims throughout the Middle Ages and onward through the ages.  Motta Gur and his paratroopers will climb the mountain overlooking the landscape toward which so many generations lifted their eyes in longing, and from this point, the order will be given to return to the city. What so many generations were unable to do, the soldiers will, at long last, accomplish
The city of Jerusalem is an international and inter-religious center, but going back many generations, Jews yearned to reach Jerusalem as the sole, primary center of the Jewish nation.  The tour will  allow guests to relive the Jewish nation's longing for its holiest of cities through the eyes of  a pilgrim ascending to Jerusalem. 
Overlooking the glorious landscape, the experiences of centuries of pilgrims of Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths will come alive. 
Duration of the tour: Approximately two hours.
Credit: David Vaknin


Jerusalem of Iron – Battle Legacy Tour on the Mount of Olives

In 1967 (5727), the eastern and western sides of Jerusalem were united. The battles for the unification of the city stimulate stories about the brave fighters and teach us another chapter in the IDF’s rich battle legacy. Values such as courage, comradeship under fire, purity of arms, war theory and commemorating the fallen are raised and given expression on this day of touring. 
The tour presents a breathtaking and little unknown vantage point from which an amazing panorama of the city can be seen. This view provides a glance at the life of the city from the cessation of the battles of the War of Independence until the eruption of the Six Day War. The tour participants will learn and understand from up close the battle plans of the different brigades particularly  those of the Paratroopers’ Brigade. Through the battle story of the paratroopers company and the armored forces on the Kidron Bridge, the participants will  understand the different combat values as they are expressed in the IDF’s code of ethics. We will conclude with a visit to the Western Wall – the zenith of the battles in Jerusalem in 1967 and  of Jerusalem today. 

Duration of the tour: Approximately two hours.
Credit: David Vaknin
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