The 16th Annual Archaeological Conference | City Of David

The 16th Annual Archaeological Conference

Thursday, September 3, 2015/ 19 Elul 5775 – City of David National Park
Entrance Free! To register for tours phone *6033

Conference Program

3:30pm Tours of the New Excavations:
* Pre-registration required for all tours: scroll down
* Tour costs 10 NIS per person
Featuring Special Exhibit in the King’s Garden: Antiquities from the “By the
Rivers of Babylon” Exhibit – presented in partnership with the Bible Lands
Museum Jerusalem
6:30pm Reception - Area E, City of David
All lectures will be presented in simultaneous Hebrew-English translation
7:00pm Opening Remarks:
  • Mr. Ahron Horovitz, Director General, Megalim Institute
  • MK Zeev Elkin, Minister of Immigration and Absorption & Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage
  • Mr. Yisrael Hasson, Director General, Israel Antiquities Authority
  • Mr. Shaul Goldstein, Director General, Israel Nature and Parks Authority
  • Dr. Yuval Baruch, Director, Jerusalem District, Israel Antiquities Authority

7:15pm Session I:

From Jerusalem to Babylon and Back
Session Chair: Prof. Gabriel Barkay
Col. Matthew Bogdanos (U.S. Marine Corps)
ISIS - The Destruction & Looting of Antiquities: Challenges and Solutions
Dr. Donald Sanders – World Premiere – Virtual Tour of the Palace of
Niniveh: Using Modern Technology to Preserve Antiquities in Danger
Mr. Yehuda Kaplan – The Exiles of Jerusalem in Babylon: The Al-Yahudu
9:00 pmBreak

9:15pm Session II:

New Discoveries in the City of David
Session Chair: Dr. Doron Ben-Ami
Nahshon Szanton and Dr. Joe Uziel – On the Question of the Stepped
Stone Monument from the Second Temple Period in the City of David
Moran Hajbi and Dr. Joe Uziel – The Hill of the City of David during the
Byzantine Period: A View from the Byzantine Street


Unique tours at the Megalim Conference

  • The Yovel Excavation
    The Yovel Excavation The Yovel excavations are relatively new, and are normally closed to the general public. Recently, a new area was excavated, revealing part of Jerusalem’s main thoroughfare during the Second Temple period.
  • The Byzantine Road
    The Byzantine Road and the Southwestern Cornerstone of the Temple Mount On this tour we will visit two different and completely separate archaeological sites. First, we will visit the Byzantine Road, where a new section of the road has just been uncovered. Archaeologist Moran Hajbi will talk about this find in his conference lecture.
  • Givati Parking Lot Excavation
    Givati Parking Lot Excavations The Givati Parking lot was once, as its names implies, a parking lot. Today, it is home to the largest archaeological excavation in Jerusalem. The site has been excavated on an ongoing basis since 2007 and has uncovered discoveries spanning the ages, from the First Temple period until the Islamic period. The tour will provide an up-to-date picture of the archaeological discoveries made at the site.
  • Parker Excavations and Spring Fortress
    Parker Excavations and Spring Fortress The tour will begin at an excavation where archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon believes she discovered the walls of Jerusalem from the Canaanite period. There, we will enter a tunnel that was dug by Parker’s delegation, into a series of rooms. To this day, the purpose of these rooms is unknown....
  • By the Rivers of Babylon
    Guided tour of the exhibit “By the Rivers of Babylon” at the Bible Lands Museum. Tour in light of the new discoveries


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