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A Sukkot Festival in the Valley of the Kings

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The Ministry of Jerusalem and Heritage, together with the City of David, invite you to enjoy an exciting and lively festival for the entire family – free of charge! Just a short walk from Dung Gate and the Western Wall, in the Kidron Valley that stretches between the City of David and the Mount of Olives, you’ll discover King’s Valley. Green olive trees, the Old City walls in the background, and the delicate sound of bells chiming in the distance all contribute to the magical ancient atmosphere that will take you back in time. Sit down and relax in the shade of our tent, as you enjoy interactive workshops especially for children – flute making, coin minting, a mosaic workshop, pita bread baking and camel rides! But that’s not all – you can join our guided tours free of charge and tour the Kidron Valley. You’ll be taken aback by “Jerusalem’s Petra” – the colossal stone monuments that were chiseled into the local stones about 2,000 years ago. These monuments are known as Absalom’s Tomb, Zechariah’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Sons of Hezir. If you feel like cooling down a bit in the Shiloah water tunnel, go ahead and get your legs wet as you hike underground, illuminating your way with flashlights (nominal entrance fee). Getting to the tunnel entrance is an experience in itself, and includes a fun ride in an open electric shuttle.

The festival starts at 11:00 AM.



:special expirience for visitors

Minting Half-Shekel coin

Tour Track 
Essential Information 
  • Shuttles especially for the King’s Valley Festival attendants enable you to park your car for a flat daily rate at the First Station parking lot and enjoy free transportation to and from the Mount of Olives Information Center! Bus leaves the First Station parking lot to the Information Center every half an hour between 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM.

  • There is regulated city parking near the Mount of Olives Information Center at 5 Jericho Way, Jerusalem.

  •   You can find us with WAZE by searching “Mount of Olives Information Center”.
  • The activity is suitable for the entire family.
  •     There is a sukkah at the site which visitors are invited to use.

Those who enter the Shiloah water tunnel may want to know:

  • The route is not suitable for baby strollers.
  • There are restrooms and a snack bar with cold/hot beverages at the site.
  •  It is recommended to come equipped with flashlights and shoes that are suitable for walking through water.
  • Entrance to Hezekiah’s Tunnel is recommended from age five. The water can reach 70cm high (a little over 2 feet). 
    Babies may be carried through the tunnel in a front carry only. 
For additional information and to a make a telephone reservation, call the Reservation Center.








Activity without entrance to Hezekiah’s Tunnel


Free of charge

Entrance to the City of David National Park from the Kidron Valley

15 NIS

Discounted Price!

Entrance to the City of David National Park from the Kidron ValleyFor Matmon Club card member Free



Opening Hours 

Sunday-Tuesday, 18-20 Tishrei, October 8-10. Festival hours: 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM

The festival begins at 11:00 AM!

Guided tours beginning from 11:00 AM every half an hour until 4:00 PM

Tickets to the water tunnel can be purchased via the Mount of Olives Information Center between 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM.



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