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Minting Half-Shekel Coins

A unique experience at Emek Zurim Park– Mint a coin on a copper disc
Use an exact replica of the ancient half-shekel coin discovered by a visitor at Emek Zurim Park, dating back to the second Temple era.
Take home a one of a kind souvenir from your visit!
These half-shekel coins were used by pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem, in order to contribute taxes to the Temple. Several such coins were found in the Emek Zurim Archaeological Sifting Project. Now, you can take home a piece of your experience! A new tool positioned at the site lets you mint the insignia of the ancient coins on a copper disc. When it’s ready, a half-shekel coin bearing the impressive ancient design from the second Temple days will rest right in your pocket.
Cost per coin: NIS 5.

Emek Zurim Sifting Project


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Cost for minting the coin:  NIS 5 .



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Buses: 4, 30, 19, 17, 68, 69,51,83 reach the Hebrew University at Mount Scopus, and then it is a 20 minute walk. You must walk down a long path with stairs, which is not accessible to baby strollers.

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