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Minting Half-Shekel Coins

A unique experience for King’s Valley Festival guests – Mint a coin on a copper disc
Use an exact replica of the ancient half-shekel coin discovered by a visitor at Emek Zurim Park, dating back to the second Temple era.
Take home a one of a kind souvenir from your visit!
These half-shekel coins were used by pilgrims ascending to Jerusalem, in order to contribute taxes to the Temple. Several such coins were found in the Emek Zurim Archaeological Sifting Project. Now, you can take home a piece of your experience! A new tool positioned at the site lets you mint the insignia of the ancient coins on a copper disc. When it’s ready, a half-shekel coin bearing the impressive ancient design from the second Temple days will rest right in your pocket.
Cost per coin: Free.
A chain may be purchased so that the coin may be worn around the neck.
Tour Track 
Essential Information 
  • To reach the City of David on foot: When coming from the Old City, exit through the Dung Gate (the gate closest to the Kotel Plaza), and turn left. After about fifty meters (about 55 yards), turn right and the City of David will be on your left. 
  • Private vehicles are not permitted entrance to the Old City. 
  • Bus lines that reach the Old City: 1, 2, 3, 38. The 43 stops right by the City of David.
  • There are lockers onsite that one may rent to store small items. 
  • The tour route is not conducive to the use of strollers. 
  • There is a snack shop with hot/cold drinks and sandwiches, as well as a charming store. 
  • There is a sukkah at the site that visitors are welcome to use.
For additional information and to a make a telephone reservation, call the Reservation Center.

Cost for minting the coin: Free

**You can purchase a chain to wear the coin as a necklace. Necklace chain costs NIS 5.

Opening Hours 

Sunday-Tuesday, 18-20 Tishrei, October 8-10. Festival hours: 11:00 AM - 5:30 PM

The festival begins at 11:00 AM!

Guided tours beginning from 11:00 AM every hour on the hour until 4:00 PM

Tickets to the water tunnel can be purchased via the Mount of Olives Information Center between 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM.



How to reach the City of David National Park – Safe, Convenient Directions

For those arriving by private vehicle, please note that it is difficult to find parking near the Western Wall and City of David. We recommend the following arrival options:

Arrival by shuttle from the First Railway Station (Free)

The “Free to the Old City” service allows you to park your car for an all-day fee (17.10 NIS per day or 13.60 NIS for “Yerushalmi” resident card holders) at the First Railway Station and enjoy the ease of free shuttles to and from the Old City!
The shuttle will depart from the First Railway Station parking lot to the Dung Gate – just a two minute walk from the City of David.
The shuttle operates from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00AM to 8:00PM, every 20 minutes. On Monday and Thursday, the shuttle begins to run at 7:00AM.
On Fridays, the shuttle runs until one hour before the Sabbath begins.

Ride the Old City Train to the City of David (not free)

Would you like to have fun getting to the City of David? Now you can!
Before you dive deep into the ancient city and get an inside view, learn about the City of David from the outside. 
The Old City Train takes guests on a fascinating and fun tour, from the Mamilla Parking Lot, through the Armenian and Jewish Quarters, to the City of David. Along the way, learn about heritage sites and the history of the general area.
Cost: Only 10 NIS when you book a ticket for a tour of the City of David. Regular price: 30 NIS. 
 Navigate to Mamila and Karta Parking lots (public parking lots – payment required)
Navigate to Mount Zion Parking Lot (public parking lot – payment required)

For groups arriving by organized bus which do not require parking: 

For those interested in arriving by foot from Jaffa Gate (Karta/Mamilla Parking Lots) to the City of David
Public Transportation
Bus lines to Jaffa Gate: 20, 60 (From the Central Bus Station)
Bus lines to the City of David: 1, 2, 38 to the Western Wall




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Would you like to have fun getting to the City of David? Now you can!

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We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
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