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Outdoor Jerusalem Trivia

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Tour the City of David

Tour the City of David


Know a lot about Jerusalem?

With a map, trivia cards and cell phone in hand, navigate your way through Armon Hanatziv by answering questions and solving riddles about the ancient city. A fun and challenging experience for families, groups and organizations that encourages bonding and team building.

Credit:Ohad Zvigenberg
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Tour Track 
Start Point:
Armon Hanatziv - Haas Promenade
Essential Information 
  • The activity is only suitable for groups.
  • The route is about 2 km long.
  • The activity takes place in Hebrew only.
  • Duration of activity – depends on the group.
  • Ages: 6 and up.
  • The tour is suitable for people who enjoy walking.
  • Can be combined with other activities.



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Buses to Derech Hebron: 71, 72, 74, 75, 8
WAZE – Peace Forest


הצג מפה גדולה יותר



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Would you like to have fun getting to the City of David? Now you can!

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We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
Goldstein Family, France.
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