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You shall Remember

" shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach..."
(Isaiah 58:12)
For three thousand years the Mount of Olives has served as a place of burial. The soft, easily hewn rock and its proximity to Jerusalem is what brought those who lived in the city in ancient times to carve out graves at the bottom of the Mount to bury their dead, until the place became the largest and oldest Jewish cemetery in the world.  Tens of thousands of Jews from Jerusalem, the Land of Israel and the world over found their final resting place on the slopes of the Mount of Olives. Many well known Jewish personalities in the history of Israel, known for their work, writings and righteous acts are buried here. 
In 1948 the Jordanians captured the Mount of Olives and held it for 19 years. During these years the Jordanians methodically destroyed whole areas of the Jewish cemetery, demolished tombstones and even paved a wide road over ancient graves. According to Jewish Tradition a tombstone must be prepared as an act of honor so the deceased will not be forgotten and the grave will not be desecrated. Taking care of the dead is one of the highest forms of unconditional acts of Kindness as the service can never be repaid.
 Therefore after the Six Day War the Israel Government began a long and meticulous process of restoration, for the purpose of dealing with the damage caused by the enemy, by nature and by time. Despite the effort and the resources invested in this important national venture, there are still, to this day, forgotten tombstones and neglected graves. So much still to be done!
Hundreds of gravestones still await the brush that will clean away years of dust and reveal the stories of the long deceased; faded letters look forward to being read again, disconnected paths seek reconnection.  To this end the City of David – Ancient Jerusalem – runs groups of volunteers in a special project whose objective is to restore the graves and the tombstones. A computerized database has been established of all the tombstones on the Mount of Olives. Research teams took pictures of the graves, typed all the data into an updated info pool which is available on the website of the Mount of Olives project. 
This is a golden opportunity for concerned and caring hearts to come and reveal the tombstones, to clean them, to repaint the lettering, to restore the paths between the graves. Even if you cannot be physically present you can help us via the Internet. 
57,000 of the deceased's data has already been uploaded and approximately another 340,000 have not even been processed by the time the site went on air. In order to improve the database and bring maximum exposure to the public, we are now engaged in developing a new website.
This enables people searching for the graves of relatives to do so according to name, surname, names of parents and spouses, professionals, titles and community affiliation. Full mapping of family relationships and archival documents will be available (online) to anyone. We are therefore not only honoring the dead, we are repairing breaches in family roots and heritages, repairing long lost links of lineage, reviving key family connections - constructively effecting the future by restoring the past. 
The Project needs volunteers who will carry this project close to their hearts.
All you need to do to become a partner in this eternal and endearing investment is a personal desire, a bit of free time and a computer. Each volunteer will receive about 400 - 600 names and will be able to control the image data in front of the gravestone.Where possible the volunteer will add information about the deceased out of the files that exist in our database.
If you wish to partner with us, see the contact details below.
Moti Shamis
Information Centre Manage, Mount of Olives 
or call the City of David Visitors' Centre – Tel. *6033 

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