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A collection of seals (bullae) from the late First Temple period, discovered in...
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Mayors Visit City of David

Mayors from around the world show support for Ancient Jerusalem
In the midst of a wave of terror, 30 mayors from around the world visited the City of David in Jerusalem . Countries represented included the United States, France, China, Panama, Hungary, India, Romania, Uruguay, Turkey, Nigeria, Nepal, Albania, Serbia and Taiwan.
"It's amazing to see how Ancient Jerusalem thousands of years later continues to live and thrive today", said one of the participants.
There was great excitement when the guide presented a two thousand years old coin from the time of the Great Revolt with the inscription "For the Freedom of Zion," which was found during excavations in the City of David.
They noted that "it is impressive to see how the foundations of Western society of the 21st-century, foundations of freedom, justice and equality, were founded as early as the prophets of Ancient Jerusalem."



Among other key locations, the mayors visited the palace site of the Davidic Dynasty, the rain drainage tunnel situated under the enormous Second Temple Herodian street leading from Shiloach pool up to the Temple Mount, and ended their visit at the Robinson's Arch situated at the foot of the corner of the Western and Southern Temple Mount walls.

The visit was part of the 30th international conference of mayors attended by 30 mayors from around the world.


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