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King for a Day

This new educational initiative sponsored by the Ir David Foundation is geared towards connecting Israeli youth, from all spectrums of society, with their Jewish Identity in Jerusalem. "King for a Day" brings Israeli high school students to Jerusalem for an opportunity to experience key sites in Biblical Jerusalem such as; the City of David, the Western Wall, Mount of Olives, Jewish Quarter, and the promenades in Southern Jerusalem. This eight hour program was designed and evaluated by educational experts in the field of informal education. Students are challenged and encouraged to explore their connection to their country, history, and land.
The City of David – the core element of the initiative affords a setting that naturally stimulates exploration and discussion of Jewish national issues in both the historical and present periods. Unique, interactive activities conducted by knowledgeable guides help connect youth to their heritage. The participants return home with a deeper understanding of the national traditions and identity that unites them to Israel and Jerusalem.

"King for a Day" is available to students from all socioeconomic levels of Israeli society. The Ir David Foundation offers grants to schools that are unable to finance trips to sites in Israel.

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