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Eitan Asraf's visit to the City of David - Returning to where it all began.

In honor of Jerusalem Day, Eitan Asraf, the internationally renowned photographer, visited the City of David to capture ancient Jerusalem in a whole new light. The project was a joint initiative between Asraf, the City of David National Park, The Israel Antiquities Authority, and the Temple Mount Sifting Project. 
Archeological excavations in ancient Jerusalem have been ongoing since 1867, when Queen Victoria of England sent Charles Warren to Jerusalem in order to discover the treasures of the Bible. Since then the City of David has become the most excavated site in Israel, designated as a National Heritage site, with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually from all over the world. 
The project aims to tell the story of ancient Jerusalem - millennia in the making - through her antiquities. All photos were taken by Asraf with an iPhone. 
“I was born in Jerusalem and have lived here for many years, but until recently I had never been to the City of David, when I was invited to come for a visit by a close friend of mine who lives there,” said Asraf. “The visit was a very moving experience for me. It filled me with a thrilling sensation that’s hard to describe. I believe that the City of David is a place that everyone must visit – it’s the place where it all began,” continued Asraf. “There’s something unique about the City of David that just can’t be captured in words. I tried to capture the story of this special place in a few pictures– as I experienced it.”


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