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Leading archaeologist Dr. Gabi Barkay, who survived the Holocaust as a child, tells Israel Hayom how he responds to "Bible deniers," regrets the lack of excavations in Judea and Samaria, and shares how a pesky kid led him to the discovery of his life.
Although he has never worked for the Israel Antiquities Authority -- Barkay says he prefers a university framework that offers freedom of opinion and thought -- he has acquired an international reputation thanks to two things: The first is the historic discovery of the Priestly Blessing Scrolls, the most ancient archaeological discovery of a biblical text dating to the period the Bible is believed to have been put together. The discovery of the scrolls had wide-ranging influence on biblical research, and the assessment of its historical reliability. The second is the project of sifting dirt from the Temple Mount. Barkay describes the Mount as "a black hole in the history of archaeology in general and Israeli archaeology in particular."
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