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A collection of seals (bullae) from the late First Temple period, discovered in...

Jerusalem in the first and second temple periods

Jerusalem in the first and Second Temple periods left an indelible impression on the Jewish nation and on world culture at large. This course surveys the great events and personalities that made Jerusalem famous during these formative years, in light of the most up date archeological discoveries. The lecturers are renowned masters of archeology history and the Bible and the course includes field trips to the actual sites
where the events took place

The course will take on Monday's, between 16:00-20:00*
price: 1100 NIS, for registrants till 14.4.13 -ONLY 990 NIS*
For more details: 02-6719453   email*

Jerusalem in the first and second temple periods 

King David and his City


Oren Sapir


From Armon Hanatziv to City of David

City of David in light of the Archeological Discoveries

Sunday 28/4/13

Dr. Eyal Meiron

Introduction to First Temple Period

Lecture: Survey of Archeological Research in the City of David

Tour: Kenyon's Wall, Hewn Chambers, Spring Tower, Canaanite Tunnel, Shiloh's Wall

Burial in the First Temple Period


Prof. Gabi Barkay

Burial in the First Temple Period

Tour: Ketef Hinnom

First temple Period – The Days of King Hezekiah


Ahron Horowitz

Hezekiah versus Sennacherib before the walls of Jerusalem

Tour: Warren's Shaft System, the Stone-Cut Pool, Hezekiah's Tunnel

Destruction of the First Temple

Michael Bar-or

The Israelite Tower and Broad Wall

Lecture: Jerusalem in  the Time of Jeremiah - Challenges of a Prophet

Tour: Area G, Jeremiah's Pit

Second Temple Period


Lecture: Introduction to the Second Temple Period  till the End of the Hasmonean Rule – Prof. Isaiah Gafni

Davidson Center – Ahron Horovitz

From Splendor to Ashes


Asher Altshul

Tour:Herodian Quarter and the Burnt House

Lecture:From Splendor to Ashes

The Drama in the Drainage Canal


Lecture: The Last Battle – Hilel Mali

The Shiloah Pool and Central Drainage canal – Hilel Mali

Givati Parking Lot – Oren Sapir

Refreshments  and Summary  in King's Garden  

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  • Cancellation within three days before the course -charged half price*
  • Cancellation from the day the course begins  and throughout the course- fully charged  
Jerusalem in the first and second temple periods
  • The Struggle for Jerusalem

    The Struggle for Jerusalem

  • Touring ancient Jerusalem was an amazing experience for the entire family
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