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A collection of seals (bullae) from the late First Temple period, discovered in...
Would you like to have fun getting to the City of David? Now you can!


1st Temple seal discovered with name "Shaul"

A bone seal, engraved with the name Shaul, from the time of the First Temple, was found in the IAA excavations in the walls around Jerusalem National Park, in the City of David. 

ISO 9001 Awarded to City of David

The City of David was awarded ISO 9001 status in March 2009 after meeting the rigorous requirements of the International Organization for Standardization for good management practices.

Exquisite marble figurine unearthed

The figurine was used as a suspended weight together with a balance scale. This is probably the only find of its kind from excavations in the country.
A figurine (bust) made of marble depicting a miniature image of a bearded man’s head was discovered in the excavations that the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting in the area of the Givati car park in the City of David, in the Walls around Jerusalem National Park.

Buried Treasure Unearthed at the City of David

264 solid gold coins worth over $500,000 were discovered by a British volunteer digging at the City of David’s Givati Parking Lot excavation. This find represents the largest cache of coins ever discovered in Jerusalem.

The Israel Antiquities Authority reported a thrilling find Sunday -- the discovery of 264 ancient gold coins in Jerusalem National Park.

The coins were minted during the early 7th century.

First-Temple Era Water Tunnel Found in Jerusalem

 A water tunnel dating back to the First Temple era - but that might have been used even earlier, during King David's conquest of Jerusalem - has been uncovered in the ancient City of David, a prominent Israeli archeologist said Wednesday. The opening of the 3,000-year-old tunnel, which was found earlier this year during the ongoing excavations at the site, is just wide enough to allow one person to pass through, but only the first 50 meters are accessible since it is filled with debris and fallen stones, said Dr. Eilat Mazar, who is leading the dig at the site.

Seal of King Zedekiah's Minister Found

Archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University and the Shalem Center announced the find of a clay bulla (seal impression) inscribed with the name “Gedaliah Ben Pashchur” from her recent archaeological excavation at the City of David. The name appears in the Book of Jeremiah (38:1) in the same sentence as the mention of “Yehuchal Ben Shelamayahu” whose name was found on an identical clay bulla as part of an earlier phase of the same archaeological dig in 2005.

CITYsights: King David's palace discovered?

Archaeological dig reveals many exciting new finds including part of King David's original palace.

The first installment in the new CITYsights video column takes you right back to where it all began, over 3,000 years ago, when King David left his old stomping ground in Hebron and headed for the hills of Jerusalem.

CITYsights: Mythical water pipe discovered

Piece by piece, the ancient water system leading to Jerusalem is being revealed in the City of David.

Here in Israel, we are well-versed in the need to protect our scarce water sources from contamination, and we’ve built the National Water Carrier in order to ensure that all of the country’s citizens have running water at all times. But what about ancient times? How did the denizens of biblical Jerusalem retain access to water throughout the year -- and especially in wartime situations -- when their main water source lay outside the walls of the city?

More than just bricks in a wall

What the entire Kotel looked like.
Two thousand years after King Herod’s builders laid the foundations for the Kotel on the Temple Mount, Israeli archaeologists have reached these foundations. The Wall’s architectonic picture is nearly complete and will soon be unveiled publicly.

The Washington post

In Jerusalem you become blasé about antiquity. Soon you fall into the habit of remarking, "Oh that is only Second Temple," meaning from the time of the return of the Jews from Babylon to the expulsion by the Romans in 70 C.E. Today I spent most of the morning learning that the "Old City of Jerusalem" is not old -- well not what really is old.

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