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A collection of seals (bullae) from the late First Temple period, discovered in...
Would you like to have fun getting to the City of David? Now you can!


The Making of a King

Adam gave 70 years of his life to a boy that was supposed to live only a few hours.  Adam passed away at 930 years. David lived for 70, so the Midrash explains. And so arose one of the mightiest heroes in history.
The narrative of King David starts extremely gloomy, almost hopeless. The Bible hints to this.

If I forget you Jerusalem

If I forget you Jerusalem, may I lose my job. Too harsh? Not really. Read it again. Read it for what it really says after you removed the warm fuzzy feelings.
"If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill.

Nobel Prize winner visits the City of David

"The Jewish People need to know, the world has to know, that the City of David are bringing the People of Israel back to their Source." Nobel Laureate, Prof. Yisrael Aumann, of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, recently visited the City of David with members of his family in order to see the latest discoveries in ancient Jerusalem.
Prof Aumann is an Israeli-American mathematician and a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences.

For the Freedom of Zion

Can a Nation be born at once?
Who has heard such a thing? Who has  seen such things? Is a land born in one day? Is a nation brought forth at once?

You shall Remember

" shall raise up the foundations of many generations; you shall be called the repairer of the breach..."
(Isaiah 58:12)
For three thousand years the Mount of Olives has served as a place of burial.

A Lovesong on a Guarded Night

Pesach is the Festival of our Freedom.  It is when the Almighty took us out of slavery, made us a Nation, an Am Segulah – a Treasured People, set apart and betrothed to Him.

The Queen Factor: the Concealment of greatness


Purim is upon us and Israel is abuzz with preparations of Mishloach Manot and Purim costumes.  Mothers are frantically trying to make sure everyone has a costume that will "out-do" the previous year.

New! Mint your own half shekel coin

The City of David now has a coin press machine where one can mint their own ancient “half shekel” coin! During the annual pilgrimage to the Temple, visitors gave a half shekel coin as a Temple tax. A number of these coins have been found in excavations at the site. Now you can take home your own half shekel coin! The coin press, located just inside the entrance to the City of David, allows you to create your own Second Temple half shekel coin by pressing the design onto a bronze coin.

Bringing Biblical Jerusalem to Canada

This past October, Brian Warren and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson, co-hosts of The 700 Club Canada spent two intensive days filming in the City of David.
Throughout the month of December, The 700 Club Canada will be featuring segments from Warren and Tyler Thompson’s recent Israel trip, where they walk in the footsteps of the Bible, with the kickoff episodes featuring the City of David, site of Biblical Jerusalem. 
The 700 Club Canada, affiliated with The 700 Club in the United States, reaches millions of

Arrival by shuttle from the First Railway Station

The “Free to the Old City” service allows you to park your car for an all-day fee (17.10 NIS per day or 13.60 NIS for “Yerushalmi” resident card holders) at the First Railway Station and enjoy the ease of free shuttles to and from the Old City!
The shuttle will depart from the First Railway Station parking lot to the Dung Gate – just a two minute walk from the City of David.
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We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
Goldstein Family, France.
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