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Dean Cain and his son visited the City of David along with actor Montel...
Free of charge, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim


Uncover Buried Treasure: Hanukkah 2016 in Emek Tzurim

When was the last time you discovered an ancient coin or an arrowhead from the Crusader period?
Be an archaeologist for a day and participate in a fascinating project that is saving artifacts from the Temple Mount. 
Over the years, participants of the sifting project have uncovered thousands of ancient coins, bullae (seal impress

Hamshushalayim 2014

Please Note: The Hamshushalayim events are currently in Hebrew only. 

How is a story born? 

A New Performance: The Origins of the Written Word in the Book of All Books
Kings, prophets and poets put their words on paper, which were subsequently incorporated into the Book of all Books- the Bible.

Absalom’s Tomb

The activity will take place between August 17nd, the21th of Av, and August 26nd, the 30th of Av.
The Kidron Valley cuts through and separates between the hill upon which the City of David lies and the Mount of Olives. During the Second Temple period, huge monuments were erected in the Kidron Valley, known as Absalom’s Pillar, Zechariah’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Sons of Hezir.

"Hamshushalaim" Festival at the City of David

The Hamshushalaim Festival at the City of David will take place on Thursdays 11/28| 12/5| 12/12| 12/19

Theatrical Tour – The Third Side of the Coin

The City of David, in conjunction with Makom Theater, presents: “The Third Side of the Coin” – a theater in motion at the City of David.
“We continue to roam with our time machine through the amusement park of Jerusalem.

Hanukkah 2013 in Emek Tzurim

The Stones Tell a Tale

An activity that is appropriate for the whole family. Takes place in an enclosed area inside Emek Tzurim National Park.
An archaeological experience uncovering remnants from the Temple Mount. Includes interactive guiding and sifting through archaeological rubble.

Who is the Real King David?


Forgiveness & Atonement for Groups

Join us on a Nighttime Selichot Tour of Jerusalem
The tour will be offered on the following dates:
  • August 25th- August 29th / 19th -23rd of Elul
  • September 1st-September 3rd / 26th-28 of Elul
  • During the Ten Days of Repentance: September 8th- September 12th/ 4th- 8th of Tishrei
Our tour of both the Old City and the Ancient City of Jerusalem begins at the Jaffa Gate.

Summer 2013 in the City of David

Summer schedule 2013 | The City of David offers numerous Tours and Attractions for the whole family
at the different Ancient Jerusalem sites: City of David, Armon Hanatziv and the Mount of Olives. 

Erev Tisha B' Av in the City of David I 7.15.13

An evening of learning and discussion opposite Jerusalem's antiquities
The night of Tisha B'Av is a night where we reflect upon the  history of Jerusalem, a time when we come together to understand  and repair what has been broken.  This year we will once again gather in the City of David opposite the remnants of the destruction,  where we will hold a discussion about the destruction and take a tour through the remnants.
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We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
Goldstein Family, France.
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