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Stone Weights

1960 - 1969

In one of the buildings from the First Temple period, Kathleen Kenyon uncovered 34 small capstone weights. Eighteen of them have the common weight of the Biblical period, the shekel (about 11.34 grams), engraved onto it. On two of the weights the word “pim” appears, which is two-thirds of a shekel, while two others are engraved with the word “netzef”, which is equivalent to five-sixth of a shekel. This represents the largest collection of weights ever found in an excavation in Israel and its relative miniature size (the largest among them is 24 shekels, or 268.24 grams) testifies to the weights as remnants from the workshop of skilled worker such as a silversmith, jeweler or merchant that dealt with valuable items.


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Kathleen Kenyon

Kathleen Kenyon excavated in the City of David during the 1960’s, under Jordanian rule. She dug a cross- section of the slope of the hill and found various structures.
Kathleen Kenyon

Kathleen Kenyon

There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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