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Rare Menorah Etching

A stone object with a rare etching of a (Jewish) menorah (candelabrum) was found in the earth beneath the Herodian Road, adjacent to the drainage channel.  According to Eli Shukron and Professor Reich, “It’s interesting, despite the fact that we usually see a depiction of a menorah of seven branches, here there are only five branches. The depiction of the base of the menorah holds great importance, as it clarifies how the base of the original menorah looked.” The fact that the stone object was found in close proximity to the Temple Mount is also significant, as researchers posit that a passerby saw the menorah in front of him, and amazed at its beauty, etched his impression into stone and later threw it to the side of the road, never thinking his creation would be found 2,000 years later. 

 Following is the estimated location of the find on the map 

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Eli Shukron

Eli Shukron from the Israel Antiquities Authority has excavated in the City of David for over fifteen years and is considered one of the leading experts on archaeology in Jerusalem

Ronny Reich

Professor Ronny Reich from Haifa University has excavated in Jerusalem for many years, beginning as an archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority and since 2005...

The Central Water Drainage Channel

Since 2007, Reich and Shukron have been excavating the main water drainage tunnel of the city of Jerusalem from the Second Temple period, inside the Tyropoeon Valley.
Rare Menorah Etching

Rare Menorah Etching

Reich & Shukron

Reich & Shukron

The Herodian Water Channel

The Herodian Water Channel

The Herodian Water Channel leading from the City of David to the Western Wall

Rare Menorah Etching
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