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Following fifteen years of excavation work, the Spring Citadel will be opened...
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Metal Pails, Pickaxe & Pipe

1990 - 1999

These finds were discovered during the 1990’s by Ronny Reich & Eli Shukron in one of the passageways of the underground water system in the City of David. They were left by a delegation of diggers in 1991 when they abandoned their excavation and left the city in a hurry after their delegation leader, Montague Parker was found trying to dig under the Temple Mount. One can still see the pails stuck in the cement, just meters from the exit of Warren’s Shaft, before one enters the Spring House, the modern building that covers the archaeological excavation next to the Gihon Spring.


 Following is the estimated location of the find on the map 

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Eli Shukron

Eli Shukron from the Israel Antiquities Authority has excavated in the City of David for over fifteen years and is considered one of the leading experts on archaeology in Jerusalem

Ronny Reich

Professor Ronny Reich from Haifa University has excavated in Jerusalem for many years, beginning as an archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority and since 2005...

Warren’s Shaft

The first archaeological excavation at the City of David took place in 1867. Charles Warren, entered the Gihon Spring and then continued to crawl through Hezekiah’s Tunnel.
Warrens Shaft

Warrens Shaft

Warrens Shaft

Warrens Shaft

Warrens Shaft

Warrens Shaft

There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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