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Who Was “Natan-Melech the King’s Servant”?
A seal bearing a name that appears in the Bible was discovered in the City of...
New and Groundbreaking Canaanite Discovery
Following fifteen years of excavation work, the Spring Citadel will be opened...


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The Spring House

Present Excavation
1995 - 2012

Renewed interest in the City of David was sparked in 1995, in anticipation of the celebration of “3,000 years to Jerusalem” planned for 1996. Ronny Reich from Haifa University and Eli Shukron from the Israel Antiquities Authority began working near the Gihon Spring and later in many other areas. This excavation changed our understanding of the ancient city of Jerusalem. In the beginning, they found remnants of a very large fortress surrounding the Spring, beside a pool hewn into the rock. In the next stage they discovered that this fortress connects to the system that Charles Warren found about 130 years earlier, creating an underground passageway that leads to the fortress surrounding the spring. In the most recent current stage of excavation, they identified a fortress that connects the tower over the spring to the top of the hill. This fortress is still being researched and is not yet completely understood.


Eli Shukron

Eli Shukron from the Israel Antiquities Authority has excavated in the City of David for over fifteen years and is considered one of the leading experts on archaeology in Jerusalem

Ronny Reich

Professor Ronny Reich from Haifa University has excavated in Jerusalem for many years, beginning as an archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority and since 2005...
The Spring House
Excavations Location 

 Following is the location of the dig on the map

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Bulla bearing the name Bethlehem

The First Archaeological Evidence of the Existence of the City of Bethlehem already in the First Temple Period.
Reich & Shukron

Reich & Shukron

The Spring House

The Spring House

The Spring House

The Spring House

We visited City of David and it felt like we were taken 3000 years back
Goldstein Family, France.
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