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Ronny Reich

1995 - 2017

Professor Ronny Reich has participated in numerous excavations in Jerusalem since the 1970’s. He first worked for the Israel Antiquities Authority when it was still called the Department of Antiquities of the State of Israel, and in 1995, became a lecturer in the Archaeology Department of Haifa University. He wrote his doctorate on the ritual baths (mikvahs) in the Land of Israel from the Second Temple period and specialized in the Second Temple period and Roman periods. Since the mid-1990’s, he has led excavations south and west of the Temple Mount and the new excavations in the City of David. He translated and published the writings of the Roman architect Vitruvius from the original Greek and Latin. Many public buildings from the time of Herod, 2,000 years ago, were built based on Vitruvius’ writings. Reich is fluent in many languages and has translated songs written in European languages into Hebrew. Over the years, he has published tens of articles about the archaeological excavations he led in Jerusalem. Professor Reich retired from active excavations in 2011 and currently serves as the chairman of the Israel Archaeological Council that advises the Israel Antiquities Authority. 


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The Central Water Drainage Channel

Since 2007, Reich and Shukron have been excavating the main water drainage tunnel of the city of Jerusalem from the Second Temple period, inside the Tyropoeon Valley.

The Shiloah Pool and the Second Temple Road

In 2004, Reich and Shukron began an excavation in the southern part of the City of David, at the site of the Second Temple period Shiloah Pool.

The Spring House

In 1995, Ronny Reich and Eli Shukron began to excavate near the Gihon Spring and forever changed our understanding of Ancient Jerusalem.

2,000 Year Old Sword

In work carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the water channel, a 2,000 year old iron sword was found, with its leather sheath partially intact.

Rare Menorah Etching

A stone object with a rare etching of a (Jewish) menorah (candelabrum) was found in the earth beneath the Herodian Road, adjacent to the water channel.

The Golden Bell

A rare golden bell with a loop attached was found in an archaeological excavation taking place in the City of David, part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park.
Ronny Reich
Reich & Shukron

Reich & Shukron

Ronny Reich

Ronny Reich

The Herodian Water Channel

The Herodian Water Channel

The Herodian Water Channel leading from the City of David to the Western Wall

There is no better activity for a hot summer day than walking through the underground water tunnels
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