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New and Groundbreaking Canaanite Discovery
Following fifteen years of excavation work, the Spring Citadel will be opened...
Special Hanukkah Discovery
First ever discovery of Hasmonean period building in Jerusalem uncovered in...


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Doron Ben-Ami
Dr. Doron Ben-Ami of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem specialized in the Iron Age (Israelite period) and previously dug in Hazor in excavations...
Eilat Mazar
Dr. Eilat Mazar from the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, whose specialization is in the Iron Age (Israelite period), has researched Jerusalem...
Eli Shukron
Eli Shukron from the Israel Antiquities Authority has excavated in the City of David for over fifteen years and is considered one of the leading experts on archaeology in Jerusalem
Ronny Reich
Professor Ronny Reich from Haifa University has excavated in Jerusalem for many years, beginning as an archaeologist for the Israel Antiquities Authority and since 2005...
Yigal Shilo
Yigal Shilo conducted a lengthy excavation in the City of David from 1978 to 1985. The excavations sites were scattered all throughout the eastern slope of the City of David
David Ussishkin conducted a survey of First Temple burial caves in the neighborhood of Silwan, which is located opposite and east of the City of David
Kathleen Kenyon
Kathleen Kenyon excavated in the City of David during the 1960’s, under Jordanian rule. She dug a cross- section of the slope of the hill and found various structures.
Crowfoot & Fitzgerald
Crowfoot and Fitzgerald excavated in the Tyropoeon Valley during the 1920’s, west of the City of David hill. They exposed a fortress with an entrance and supposed that this was...
Macalister & Duncan
Macalister and Duncan were the first excavators during the British Mandate, in the 1920’s. They excavated at the top of the hill and discovered residential buildings from various..
Raymond Weill
Raymond Weill, a Jew from France, was sent by Baron Rothschild to explore Jerusalem. He excavated in the southern part of the City of David hill and exposed a large quarry...
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